COVID 19 updates:

Covid lockdown update June 2020: nationally there have been 100's of enquiries, so many that the PWD club of Great Britain last month announced they had closed their list after 400 enquiries or twice the number of puppies born annually. They suggest the wait could be around two years. Many breeders have had over 200 enquiries to be put on their lists and with 1 litter per year and average litter sizes of 7 that's enough to fill an individual breeder's waiting list for 28 years.

COVID July update: we have had enquiries every day of lockdown and  now have over 400 enquiries. I keep joking with the family that today is the day that we won't get a phone call or email - and every day I am proved wrong. The COVID demand seems to be continuing. If you are after a PWD puppy you are going to have to be very patient. We have so many conversations where people say they want one in the next month or two. It just shows that they haven't done their research.

It is also clear during many conversations that people have fallen in love with google photos and videos and love the idea of a PWD - but again they haven't done an appropriate amount of research and haven't considered how they will be able to meet the needs of a dog - especially if they work full time or don't have space for a dog. Please make sure you read the information below.


COVID August update: Overall we have been blown away by the level of passion & interest in the breed. We now have 600+ enquires by email or by phone in 120 days (compared to the usual 100 a year), lots or returned questionnaires, and vast numbers of people who want to visit. With litter sizes of 7 to 10, breeders could (in theory) fill their lists for the next 60 years!!


The first visits are now taking place from people who initially enquired last year (2019) or in the months before lockdown. Other visits for those who enquired during lockdown will slowly take place over the next 12 months. Wendy is having to squeeze them in on her precious days off at the weekends. 

Enquiries not just from all over the UK but from USA, South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland, France Portugal, Singapore & Israel.  With current UK demand and with all of the extra legal & medical requirements this is something Wendy rarely considers unless for exceptional reasons. 


Most enquiries are lovely and genuine who have clearly have done their research on the breed, temperament, behaviour, energy, grooming required etc. We still have enquiries from people who haven't done any research and believe they will get a puppy next month. You can easily pick out those who have no interest in health & welfare and want a puppy and want it now. We still have enquiries from people who have been turned down by rehoming charities because they can't adequately meet the needs of a dog (work full time, live in a home which can't accommodate a large working breed, live in a flat). Their circumstances haven't changed but because they are paying they think that breeders will overlook any welfare concerns.  

It is interesting that people read the puppy page but it is noticeable that very few read the health page. Over one very short period, 700 hits on the puppy page and at the same time only 30 on the health page. If you are interested in a PWD then please take the time to understand the health issues as it will help you find a responsible breeder and healthy puppy.


Interesting to note that some breeders are currently charging £3000 for a puppy. My response is that breeders should be free to charge a fair rate for their PWD which truly reflects their knowledge, experience and commitment to the long-term health of the breed. Don't get me wrong - charging more doesn't necessarily make them either a good or bad breeder but with the previous going rate of £1500 reflecting a high breeding commitment, you really have to ask yourself what a breeder currently does above and beyond to possibly justify doubling the charge. Some say it is COVID profiteering and the latest euphemism being used by some is "Greeders" as apposed to breeders. 

Added to this I feel PWD should go to owners who care, just as passionately as good breeders, about the health and welfare of the bitch and puppies and the continued long-term health of this rare breed. This care about health & welfare is not always proved by what a breeder charges nor by what owners are able to pay. An inflated price does not mean better breeding, welfare & health or even a better-behaved dog. The fair price should still allow PWD ownership to be experienced by good dog owners and not just those who can afford exorbitant prices. Lets spread the message of responsible breeding hand-in-hand with responsible ownership.


Crufts 2020

On the cusp of the COVID 19 lockdown, Crufts this year had a rather unusual atmosphere but Jasmine and Rafferty attended and did well. Wendy also arranged the PWD at Discover Dogs which was once again a big hit with the public even if numbers were down on last year.

Jasmine was placed Third in her class  and First in Good Citizen Class.

Rafferty was placed First in his Junior Class.

Holly didn't attend as she was looking after her puppies.


2020 East Anglian Supermatch

Rafferty was invited to attend the East Anglian Supermatch competition and supper as the most successful PWD puppy from all East Anglian shows in 2019. A real honour to attend. 


2020 Holly's litter

7 beautiful  PWD puppies. One having their first bath before going to their new carers. 

COVID lockdown made collection interesting but all seven puppies were eventually united with their new homes.

Crufts 2019

This year Wendy spent 5 days organising the PWD display, dogs and their owners for Discover Dogs.  As ever all PWD were greatly admired by the public. 

Holly achieved First & Second in her two classes.

Jasmine achieved First & Second in her two classes.

Portugal 2019

A very successful first visit to Portugal to compete in several shows. Monographica, their national dog show: Holly won her class, competed for the Best of Breed and won Best Opposite Sex (second). Rafferty won best Junior  Male.

Averio the International Dog shows where Holly achieved a CACIB 

and Rafferty won two Best Puppies and won his puppy group twice.

Portugal Water Trials 2019

While in Portugal Wendy took part in two international water trials for the first time.

Both Holly and Rafferty competed at Level 1  bringing back placings (including 1st) , several trophies and having had a great time. 

Swiss International Show, Geneva, December 2019

Wendy & Holly's last International Shows of 2019 were in Switzerland, where she won two CACIB and became a Swiss Show Champion.  

This gave Holly enough CACIB's to become an International Champion.

Then they had an interesting drive back through the Alps in the snow!

Irish Shows 2019

Wendy travelled to Ireland for a mixture of Shows and fun on the beach. 

Rafferty achieved 4 Reserve Green Stars and Best male PWD  puppy 2019.

Jasmine achieved a Green star and her first CACIB

Holly - International Champion 2019

To win the International Champion status a dog has to achieve four CACIB international certificates in at least 3 different countries.

Holly has now achieved five CACIB: two in Ireland, one in Portugal & two in Switzerland.

Congratulations to Holly, Wendy and Holly's breeder Doreen.

Chester 2019

Chester is no show dog but at 7 he is now calm enough to have passed his assessment as a Therapy Dog for Therapy Dogs Nationwide (TDN) 

Judge's Critique of Holly’s first Challenge Certificate (CC) by Mrs Angela Pedder


Limit Bitch (3) 1st : Smith's Auldhelm Xquisite ShCM. My notes simply say "loved her". Full of quality yet completely understated, this girl could easily be overlooked. Lovely to go over, with standard fitting conformation throughout encompassing all that is needed to effectively do the job for which the PWD was originally bred. Combining strength with substance yet with nothing exaggerated or overdone, she ticked most of my boxes and the icing on the cake for me was watching her move out with such a typical gait without any fuss or drama. And the more I moved her, the better she went. Was pleased to award her and her delighted owner the CC, which I understand is their first. Congratulations.

Holly:  Irish Champion 2018

By the end of  2018 Holly had won 7 Irish Green Stars to earn  Irish Champion status.

As seen on TV: CRUFTS 2017

On Sunday 11th March Jasmine appeared on Chanel 4's live coverage of Crufts with Allan Carr & Claire Balding.

Jasmine came on with Ellie Simmonds, Para-Olympic swimmer, and with Geri Horner (Ginger Spice)

Kennel Club Good Citizen Award


2018 Holly won a place at the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog of the Year Show and achieved a quarter-final placement.

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