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If you have any questions  or  simply want to know more about the breed  or  want advice about your PWD,  or  are actively looking for a PWD & wish to be considered for a puppy:

If you are after a puppy then please take the time to read the pdf below as it will answer many of your questions about the breed including how we operate our waiting list and how we arrange visits.


Whatever your questions, we can have a chat about the breed, what they are really like and whether they are a suitable breed for you. We can discuss health issues, health tests, breeding and how to find a well-bred and healthy PWD. We are also willing to offer advice on training and bringing up a PWD as well as share our knowledge and experience of living with PWD.

Nicholas & Wendy 


Please give us a call on 01353 741108.

I am looking for (please tick all relevant boxes):

Wix doesn't seem to always send the forms so if we don't respond within 24hrs. please give us a call. on 01353 741108

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