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We are not a commercial kennel or business but occasionally we may breed our dogs to ensure the healthy continuation of this rare breed. If not we will know of people who are breeding. Please contact us for news or for information about PWD. 


We understand why people love PWD but we don't want you to be disappointed. Please be aware that it is highly likely that you will have to wait for a PWD. Nationally there are very few puppies born each year and the demand is incredibly high - so don't be surprised if it takes up to a year or even 18 months before you get your forever PWD. 

We are very proud to have achieved Kennel Club Assured Breeder status.  This sets high standards for breeding, health testing and animal welfare, and we believe that this is something that all breeders should achieve. For more information please click the logo:

If you are looking for a puppy or need advice there is lots of useful advice on the Kennel Club website:


Owning a dog is a very important decision and must not be taken lightly. Like many other dogs, PWD can be delightful but with their willful behaviour and high maintenance coat, they are definitely not for everyone.


As prospective owners, you must consider whether a dog will really fit in with your lifestyle especially if you work or have very young children. Owning a new dog is similar to adoption. You will need to make sure it is the right thing for you and you will need to fully commit to having a new dog and making all the lifestyle changes necessary. Once you commit to adopting a PWD puppy you will be taking over all legal, financial and medical responsibility for the lifetime of the dog. 

If we breed we ask all prospective owners to complete a questionnaire and visit us. Visiting is especially important if you are looking for a PWD due to your allergies. It is vital you meet the dogs so you can assess the level of your reaction. On all visits we will introduce you the mother; answer all your questions; explain and show you the pedigree; explain and show you and all the health tests for both parents; and explain any Kennel Club endorsements which will be a part of the contract all owners will be expected to sign. We will want to ensure that you have considered everything about owning a PWD and that you can adequately meet the needs of one of our puppies. 

When puppies leave at eight weeks they will have

  • Initial vaccinations 

  • Basic puppy health check at the vets

  • Microchipped and chip registration details

  • 4 weeks of pet insurance

  • Bag of food (or sometimes a voucher or e-code)

  • OldeEly puppy information leaflet

  • Copy of the signed contract

  • Kennel Club information including pedigree, Kennel name, and details of how to transfer ownership

  • Bedding

  • Owners will be invited to join a Facebook group to share photos, ask questions and seek support.

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